Winter Blues? Think Again

It’s winter. There’s no denying it. Waking up to dark, dingy mornings, steeped in drizzle and condensation is no fun. And what’s worse, is the simple fact that most of us arrive home from work, in exactly the same conditions as when we left – dismal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when the temperature drops enough for me to don my favourite bobble hat or navy knit, but it’s difficult not to think of sunnier climes when the big chill strikes. Much like preparing for a big family event or Christmas (too early?), I think planning and researching a summer holiday should be relished.

This winter, Anthropologie's, Homeward Pom Pom Beanie, will be one of my staples

This winter, Anthropologie’s, Homeward Pom Pom Beanie, will be one of my staples

On Friday’s commute, while the bus was stuck behind some temporary traffic lights, I found myself ideally positioned alongside a taxi bay. One of the driver’s sat utterly content in his seat, smiling from ear-to-woolly-hat-covered-ear. His face was a picture and I soon realised why. He was sitting with his iPad, flicking through the most luxurious looking beachside hotels. I rapidly wished I hadn’t been so nosey.

My thoughts naturally turned to sun, sea and all things factor 50. In this day and age, it’s so easy to reminisce about distant holiday memories; a simple click on my iPhoto icon and I’m transported to a virtual paradise, surrounded by breath-taking turquoise ocean, views too-good-to-be-true and thoughts of refreshingly addictive coconut water (and no matter how expensive the carton version is you get in supermarkets, it never tastes quite as good as that fresh from the nut!).

Coconut water - nothing tastes fresher

Coconut water – nothing tastes fresher

But let’s not forget those added extras that come with enjoying a sun-filled holiday of a lifetime:

  • Sunburn in places you’ve never considered putting sun cream
  • Sand (enough said)
  • Chasing geckos around your room at 2.00am
  • Dragging your suitcase across one mile of untouched sandy beach because you just had to stay at the hotel that gave you a real ‘island experience’
  • Lost in translation menus (when I ordered a ‘Three Tomato Salad’, I expected a little more than three slices of tomato garnished with a leaf of basil)
Never underestimate the speed of a gecko..never!

Never underestimate the speed of a gecko..never!

Come to think of it, winter has its plus points. So for now, I’ll settle for my fluffy new dressing gown, snuggling up in front of the latest reality TV show and lighting my favourite, True Grace, scented candle. Summer can wait.