The Early Bird…

I’ve always been an early riser and there’s not much that frustrates me more than the thought of a ‘lye in’.

I’m currently on annual leave so my ‘peak-time’ travelling for the next few days will be something away from the norm. Most likely, it will include travelling of the two-legged variety – walking and running.

Forgive me for going over old ground, but I can’t wax lyrical enough about how tranquil the world is before everyone wakes up and goes about their daily routine.

While out running this week, I’ve been treated to the glorious sight of two majestic swans, gliding across the thames; a heavily pregnant woman gracefully opening some curtains, then peacefully holding her bump, capturing a precious mother-baby moment as the sun rose and my current fave; an elderly man practicing tai chi as the mist dissolved over the deserted greenland of a local park – truly mesmerising and more relaxing than any rush-hour commute.

I feel blessed to live in a beautiful part of London, and perhaps that goes a little way in helping me hunt out these beautiful ‘goings on’ but if you take a minute to stop and pause, and perhaps get up before the alarm, I’m sure you’ll discover there’s a whole other world out there, too.





The Lost Art of Dressing

Some people have that alluring ability to turn heads. Not because they’re wearing shorts and flip-flops in April (still too early, in my opinion) and not because they are carrying a life-size papier mâché pumpkin through Kingston high street (I know what you’re thinking, completely out of season!), but simply because they can.

One such person adds a little excitement to my daily commute through simply having, what appears to be, an effortless ability to dress herself.

As if from the pages of any respected fashion magazine, the lady in question looks beyond pristine. Her elegant grey bob would give Anna Wintour a run for her ‘iconic’ money, and being a more mature woman (I know this because I’ve seen her buzz in her oyster card) she is not afraid to experiment with the latest trends – and why shouldn’t she?

Friday’s outfit was nothing less than flawless: a pastel pink mack with black trim, crisp white v-neck jumper and dusky pink pencil skirt, all brought to life with a cheeky pair of pink Geiger-esq animal print trainers. A harmonious treat for the eyes, if ever I saw one.

Not only can this woman turn me all fashionista before 8.00am, but she works colours and accessories in a way that would please any well-respected stylist. Her take on VB’s iconic colour-block dress is drool-worthy.


I’m not going to judge anyone by what or who they wear (a majority of my working wardrobe is from M&S or Tesco’s Florence & Fred range – cheap and practical), but it’s as though we’ve all lost that incline to make an effort. Take a minute to absorb the outfits around you on your journey to work, they are nothing more than uninspiring – myself included! It’s time to take a leaf out of this OAP’s book and add a little colour to our daily commute.

And if pantone need a human sponsor, this woman would need little introduction. I can’t wait to see her attempt at Radiant Orchid.