How to Beat the Sunday Night Gloom

Sunday night approaches far quicker than I would like. For those of us lucky enough not to work weekends, it comes with mixed emotions; yes, I can look back on the weekend with a sense of achievement, relaxation or well-earned tiredness (depending on what I’ve been doing!), but it also means that Monday, bringing with it the first commute of the week, is yet again, one sleep away.

Here are some of the things I like to do to beat the Sunday night gloom, and prepare for the week ahead:

1. Flowers have an amazing ability to cheer up any space they so lovingly invade. Buy yourself a bunch of blooms (venture beyond the supermarkets and go to your local florist. They often have such a beautiful array of flowers – pick something new!) and enjoy them.

Tulips - the epitome of elegance

Tulips – the epitome of elegance

2. With breaking news at our fingertips, it’s hard to find the time or indeed, the need, to sit down and read a newspaper. Strangely, reading a newspaper now feels quite luxurious, so take a moment to pick up a Sunday tabloid or broadsheet, enjoy its feel, smell and of course, those sumptuous glossy supplements. If that doesn’t appeal, submerge yourself in a book (my current text, Fool’s Assasin by Robin Hobb).

Read and digest

Read and digest

3. Amid the sense of relaxation Sunday’s so often evoke,  it’s sometimes nice to do something productive; I’ve vowed to get a majority of my blogging prepped and ready to go…we’ll see how that pans out!



4. I used to cringe when I heard the words, “me time.” Who has time for that? Quite frankly, it always sounded so self-indulgent. However, during recent year’s, I’ve learnt that it’s not a bad thing to take some time out for yourself, and quite often, you feel better for it. So, a Sunday night D.I.Y mani is a little piece of self-indulgence I really look forward to.

A self-indulgent mani is my idea of Sunday night bliss

A self-indulgent mani is my idea of Sunday night bliss (L-R: Twilight by Champney’s & Antique Chic by Beauty UK)

5. When the day is almost done, I like to switch off all social media and communicative devices, turn on Classic FM and light my current favourite scented candle, True Grace, in Jasmine Tea.

Turn off, tune in and strike a match to your favourite scented candle

Turn off, tune in and strike a match to your favourite scented candle

I don’t know about you, but that leaves me feeling slightly more prepared for the week ahead. What are your weekend rituals? How do you like to unwind before Monday morning arrives? Let me know!