Have You Seen Any A.R.K Recently?

Acts of Random Kindness are few and far between. I have been pleasantly surprised by the A.R.K witnessed recently:

  • A bus driver saw a lady struggling with her shopping as she attempted to run to the bus stop; he deliberately pulled over, let her on and continued on his way
  • Train driver makes an impromptu announcement hoping everyone on board was safe during the recent storm 
  • Two teenage boys get up from their seats to assist an elderly gentleman struggling to alight the train 
  • A train conductor goes out of his way to explain to a Spanish tourist the best way – on foot – from Buckingham Palace to Oxford Street – diagram included!
  • A little girl compliments an exquisitely dressed lady on her “really pretty shoes” 
  • A young boy’s phone battery cuts out mid-conversation so the passenger next to him offers the use of her phone

See, us humans can be nice, it’s easier than you might think to brighten someone’s day. Go on, give it a try!


One thought on “Have You Seen Any A.R.K Recently?

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